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Pishgaman oil industry brand company was established in 2011 with registration number 1264 in the field of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries.

Mehdi khosroabadi

Oil Industry Pishgaman



HSE is The first letter Health, Safety and Environment, responsible for all occupational, industrial and environmental health, safety and fire fighting and environmental issues.
HSE subject in the oil industry, in the context of sustainable development and human dignity, through a systematic view  and relevant with the various health, safety and environmental factors.
The health, safety and environment categories have been discussed separately over the years in the oil industry, but today’s look is a new, systematic, and comprehensive look under a single management.


The Representative of the 4303 Kar Afarin Insurance Company informs:

According to our agreements, between 4303 representatives of the Kar Afarin Insurance Company and Pishgaman company, while assigning an insurance policy in the field of fire, the employer’s personal responsibility for natural persons and third parties (specially for occupants), which is the offer from pishgaman company.

This agency is ready to issue a variety of insurance policies, either individually or in groups.

It should be noted that the issuance of various types of insurance policies in various fields (third parties, car bodies, life and treatment, etc.) Includes special circumstances That individuals can take benefits from above conditions with the company’s affiliation.

Mehdi khosroabadi

Introduction of Pishgaman oil Industry Company:

Pishgaman oil industry brand company was established in 2011 with registration number 1264 in the field of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries. The company since its establishment, relying on technical and experienced personnel executed several projects. The following is a brief description of the company’s activities:
• Construction and installation of asphalt plants and crude oil mini-refineries in accordance with international standards
• Petroleum and petrochemical storage, maintenance, transportation, public utilities, change and development in the manufacture of petroleum products
• Research and technical consultancy in the petroleum, gas and petrochemical machine manufacturing
• Technical engineering consultancy in storage facilities and petroleum storage
• Packing of refined petroleum products
• Supply of manpower in the activity, maintenance and control of fuel stations (petrol and gas)
• Obtaining permission of the competent authorities in all the company’s subjects

Pishgaman has planned an agenda and vision for its performance that includes various parts. One of the agendas for the company is to increase its market share in the supply and distribution of petroleum products. Therefore, this brand is of the mind to increase its covered fueling stations and to establish new stations. Pishgaman brand has an important task to increase the fuel supply nozzles that will come with the latest science and modern methods of the world.

Also Pishgaman brand is trying to increase the fuel quality to reduce pollution and increase customer satisfaction in the field of fuel quality , and to export fuel and compete with the world’s leading brands